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My most recent technical editing project is "Practical Firewalls" by Terry William Ogletree" Read all about it below.

Publishers and editors: I am available for technical editing projects. I'm fast and effective. Contact me at brian at briantanaka dot com

Practical Firewalls by Terry William Ogletree
Date: June 2000
Publisher: Que Education & Training
ISBN: 0789724162

"Practical Firewalls enables you to get a thorough understanding of all of the basic concepts involved in creating and maintaining a firewall. Aimed at beginning to intermediate network administrators, this book presents information in a manner so that you do not need a large background in the networking field. It provides "real world" methods, problems and solutions of value to you as a user. After reading this book, you will go away with a good understanding of firewall security policies, firewall design strategies, hardware specifications/requirements/variations, software/firewall tools, VPN and Tunneling, monitoring and auditing techniques, and IP chains." [book description from]"