The latest version of Agolbloga is 0.1.30.

The latest version of Agoladmin is 0.1.36.

Use the download link below to get the latest version of the scripts. Note that Agoladmin is optional. It provides a friendly GUI interface. If you elect to use it, please be sure to install Agolbloga first.

Once you've downloaded the tgz file, unarchive it (use 'tar xvzf' on Unix and Unix-like operating systems (including Mac OS X), or Winzip on Windows). You will end up with a directory containing the two scripts.

For Agolbloga installation guidance, you have two choices, listed here in order of convenience. You need choose only one. I recommend choice number one.

  1. Place the script where you prefer on your web server, and view it with your web browser. You'll be guided through a few simple set up steps.
  2. Read and follow instructions in the comments at the top of the script.

For Agoladmin installation guidance, you may choose between the same two choices as with Agolbloga.

agolbloga.bundle.041202.tgz - Contains agolbloga.php.gz (v.0.1.30) and agoladmin.php.gz (v.0.1.36)

You're welcome to try these out, and to let me know if you find any problems or have requests for features, but be advised that they haven't been exhaustively tested so, be aware of that. You're strongly advised to read the section of the help page, once you get Agolbloga installed, about external config files. Odds are you'll be upgrading, and the external config scheme makes upgrading easier.