About Agolbloga

Agolbloga (ah goal BLAH gah), n. - A simple, lightweight blogging engine written in PHP.

The goal of the Agolbloga project is to create a simple, lightweight blogging engine with all of the requisite features of a full-fledged blogging system but implemented in a single PHP script.[1]

It's easy to install: just put the script on your web server and view it with your web browser. You'll be guided through a few simple set up steps. (Or follow the directions in the script itself.)

It's easy to use: Agolbloga displays and manages posts you upload or edit directly on the server. (Or you can use Agoladmin, the user-friendly GUI interface for Agolbloga. See note at the bottom of this page.)

The current features are:

  • Integrated commenting system
  • Comment spam blacklisting/blocking
  • Integrated "help" documentation
  • Outbound RSS feed
  • Archive browsing
  • Permalinks
  • W3C standards compliance
  • A selection of pre-made styles (aka "themes" or "skins")
  • Search
  • Easy installation

As of September 2004, there is an optional GUI administrative suite of tools called "Agoladmin". Agolbloga is therefore usable as a standalone application or in conjunction with the Agoladmin interface. Learn more about it by reading the Agoladmin Guide

There's also now a hack to get around the dynamic RSS problems. If you've been having issues with the regular Agolbloga RSS mechanism (eg. not working with Bloglines, LiveJournal, etc), you can use this script to generate a static xml file each time you update. This is a stopgap measure.

[1] Aside from being written in PHP rather than Perl, the general aim of the project is not unlike another single-script blogging engine: Blosxom. However, this is not a Blosxom re-implementation... for better or worse! Any similarities in the code are coincidental.